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There are not so much people who wants to live in my country - the Republic of Belarus. We have here many many unpleasant things.
But... It has its own specific advantages. And the main advantage is that you've never getting bored here. Your mind will constantly get not always good, but bright and rich emotions... And it is very useful for you brains... Because bright emotions are the only thing which let us feel the real life...
As for me the real life is the time when we crush obstacles... Belarus is the place with many obstacles... Wild obstacles which you've never find in other places on earth... And here are many funny people which are ready to tell you about them and to show how it is - cruching obstacles... And much more:



Blogger Michael B. said...

Well, well, well, that is some theory!
I happen to live in Belarus, so my first intention was to contradict but suddenly I caught myself struggling with various obstacles on my way to the keyboard.
Significantly, the obstacles were not of unpleasant type, mainly – wife, son, music, alcoholic intoxication etc. – the key components of my life in Belarus, indeed.
I have suddenly became of being aware that the main Obstacle is possibly the Life itself.
But the human being must be crazy to struggle against Life to live. And I think this may be the answer to the Question of Life, Universe and Everything – we must keep ourselves being crazy to live and to stand up against crushing blows of Life beating us down to Death. And we need help, also, to make us being crazy.
You all understand now that I appreciate terrifically that smell of Real Crazy Life leaking from the photos on this site.
One with rich imagination may only shudder with horror seeing himself in some secluded spot with that Horrible Elk Hunters or Man Throwers. To say nothing of the fact that such encounter may occur nowadays, and more, in the very vicinity of the newly discovered Center of Europe! Ooh! Feel the adrenaline and be envious! Here come the Belarus Heroes!

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